Mikkeli Music Festival

4.-11.7. & 28.10.-7.11.2021


Dear friends of the Mikkeli Music Festival! 

Even our best plans for the relocation, transformation and other measures to make the festival happen, have once again been momentarily wasted. Measures and restrictions directed by the authorities in recent weeks and days, have meant that hopes of being able to hold the planned events of the Music Festival, even partially during March, have been postponed.  So we pull a couple of aces off our sleeves, and move on to implementing Plan D. 
We will be announcing the “final” 30th anniversary program with corona protection on May 11th, when tickets for the summer concerts will also go on sale. I hope you can wait just a little bit longer - patience will be rewarded!

Festival Manager Teemu Laasanen


Pics from 2020!